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Rosey Jo
5 February
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My husband and our son put up with my long hours working as a teacher and my new passion with all things Rose and Doctor. We live in a little condo in Northern California and happily crowd around the computer screen to watch new episodes in our closet of an office.

I don't know why Doctor Who is such a passion of mine, but it has been since my sister turned me on to Series One in June of 2008. I am a total sucker for Doctor/Rose. If RTD hadn't ended Season 4 the way he did, I never would have found my way here, to Teaspoon, or to YouTube, in reverse order, and what a shame that would have been. I had been unsettled enough at the ambiguity regarding Rose and her Doctor that it actually forced me to write. Me! And then I found some fabulous fiction, and I now spend much more time reading than viewing.

So, thanks for stopping by. Befriend me it you'd like. I love talking about Doctor Who (seasons 1-4 and the movie, so far) and about fanfiction, mostly in terms of reactions to characters and plot but also, to an extent, in how writers write. (I'm not a good writer at all yet, I'm afraid, so I'm learning from reading and viewing). Cheers!