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Rose and Her Doctor

April 2010

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The Wider World

Weeellll, not much wider, actually. Still within this world of Doctor Who fandom, but branching out a bit from just the new series, and just Rose and Doctor.

I spent some time on FaceBook, which is a bit of a scary place for someone like me who likes to only have posted what I want posted and keep other things out of the eyes of everyone. Anyway, I wanted to connect more with extended family, so I worked on my photo albums and such there, put myself in the stream of everybody else's conversations a bit.

And...I called myself a fan of Doctor Who, and went to the wall (or whatever) there and read a bit. I guess I forgot about all the controversy with this new series under RTD, specifically with regard to the Doctor having relationships with his companions. From what I've been told, it looks like we're headed away from that starting with 11 anyway. Now, this is ok with me for a number of reasons. First, RTD has given us 10.5 and Rose, whose relationship can definitely be as domestic as anyone might wish to write it. Secondly, as I've been delighted to discover over this past 6 months, people can create as many missing scenes and alternate universes as can be imagined. But thirdly, I really don't  need the Doctor to be falling in love with his companions or anyone else... or his companions to be falling in love with him. I just think the writers are going to have to be consistent with this, and not ramp up the sexual tension. I guess I don't want there to be all this unrequited and/or unacknowledged love as a subtext.

So, back to FaceBook. One person suggested that it would be nice if perhaps Jenny joined 11, and the two of them could be traipsing across the universe. Hmm. That would be a safe (in terms of non-sexual - she is his daughter, after all) and interesting relationship to explore. And Jenny would be a strong female lead, and she could have all the relationship angst, if they needed that. It'd be fun to have a strong female timelord-y companion, without all the baggage from Gallifrey. I haven't been able to get it out of my head since reading about it - what a good idea!

We Shall See, Said the Bee.


I'm really missing the regular season. I really love DT, but I wish that they wouldn't have the specials spaced out over the whole year; I'd be happier if Eleven would show up in the fall.

I think that Eleven and Jenny would be great!