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Rose and Her Doctor

April 2010

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Rose and Her Doctor

A Doctor By Any Other Name

OK, I am still stumped as to what to call the post-Journey's End part-human doctor.

I like 10.5  for clarity's sake. Although I think its easier to say "ten-five" instead of "ten point five" , and I want to point out that the .5 doesn't mean he is 1/2 human. He is part human. There's a difference.

I stay away from ten2 because it has overtones of "clone" for me, which I don't like at all. He IS the doctor, not a copy!

Similarly, I don't like #2. Truth be told, I hate that Billie Piper calls him #2 during the Confidential interview and says it doesn't seem right to be kissing him. I like to believe that if she read some of the great fanfics out there about him, she'd change her mind. And I can't blame her for her loyalty to Ten, especially with all the ambiguity going around the set and in the script, and her loving the Doctor so much. But he IS the doctor, and not a copy.

Which doesn't explain why I don't mind duplicate 10th. It is used at Teaspoon as a category, and seems somehow neutral to me

I really like "blue-suit Ten" which I think I must give credit to only lyin for. What can I say except that it is so damn cute. In episode two of ever/was there is a fabulous conversation between blue-suit and Rose on the topic of just who he is.

Because that's really what this is about, after all. It is about Who this Doctor is. Names are important.

Which brings me to my favorite name for this doctor. Again, it is from ever/was, this time episode four. What is this doctor's proper name? Rose's Doctor.  The only problem with that is that to some, Rose's Doctor is still 9!

So the debate still goes on in my head, with me settling for calling him ten-five for clarity's sake when really I'm thinking "Rose's Doctor".



I also have problems with naming Rose's Doctor. That's how I think of him in my head, well, not in so many words, more like a visual of Rose and the Doctor together. I'm fine with duplicate 10th and 10.5, too. I saw someone call him Handy, which was silly, and I'm not really fond of HumanDoctor. I'm okay with BlueSuit, but it's not like he wears the blue suit all the time, now.

One problem on Teaspoon is that you can't post a story without picking a Doctor from the menu, and so if a story is a post-JE Rose and Doctor story, it will say Ten, Rose and Duplicate 10th. They should change the drop down to have Duplicate 10th available there.

I love onlylyin's scene, too: "There's more to a man than where he comes from, but you have to agree it's an awfully nice hand." That whole fic is just perfect. I love it.